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NE TeleMedia Co-Develops Web-Mercial and Mobile Video Production Arm

November 17, 2010 9:00AM 

BuzzVidz produces webmercials that directly target your customers with TV-quality commercials on the Internet or Mobile Web, at a fraction of the cost of traditional television advertising.

BuzzVidz webmercials ENGAGE your audience with features of the Internet. Now you can dramatically increase the impact of your direct-sales campaign without the major expense of TV, Print, and Radio advertising. When the viewer clicks on your webmercials, he will be instantly transported to the BUZZZZ of your offerings.

Call 781-797-0366 for a free consultation and review....With packages starting at $495.00


New England Telecom Launches CIO Out-Sourcing Services

March 10, 2010

This exciting program provides companies of all sizes with the ability to have valuable, technical capabilities for their business operations. The CIO out-source service can be contracted for specific projects or it can be integrated into the long-term plans of any executive team. The talent offered in this program comes from a pool of seasoned executives who are a by-product of the economic changes across the US.  The areas of expertise which can be contracted include LAN/WAN management, telecommunications infrastructure (domestic & international), VoIP migrations, and vendor management.


New England Telecom Creates Affinity Program for Maine Merchants Association

February 10, 2010

This program provides MMA members and affiliates with preferred pricing and a diverse selection of products and services from over 160 communications providers including Time Warner Cable Business Class, Paetec, One Communications, Qwest and many more.

MMA members receive preferred pricing for Local & Long Distance, Internet Services, Data Networking, Wireless and many other services as part of this program.

Additionally Mobile SMS/Text retail marketing programs are also available via the New England TeleMedia division.

Contact 781-591-0366 or for a FREE Voice and Data Network Assessment.

New England Telecom Expands Operations with New Media Solutions

New England Telecom has announced the creation of NE TeleMedia. This new division will focus on the cultivation and development of marketing initiatives while leveraging new media technology to increase revenue for clients.

This area of the marketplace is growing exponentially and it will continue to expand and evolve. NET is excited to be at the forefront of this dynamic medium throughout the Northeast.


New England Telecom Increases Your Power to Choose
December 14, 2009, 5:31 PM ET
New England Telecom announced today it has closed a global alliance that increases its service provider selection and data center offerings to over 160 different provider options for clients and prospects to choose from. This increase in selection for NET clients, gives virtually any business segment the ability to source their entire communications package with one single entity.
This alliance brings real value to companies who want to have one source for all their telecommunications needs. Additionally, there has been a constant turnover in the account and support teams of direct-to-carrier sales reps. This move is expected to save prospective clients a considerable amount of time and money by allowing NET to be a “one-stop-shop” for voice, data, and wireless services.
NET clients get a far greater selection of services to choose from compared to traditional, direct sales teams and we provide a constant, stable relationship between the client and their carrier of choice.

New England Telecom Joins Nuance Affiliate Program
November 24, 2009, 9:05AM ET
Contact  for more details

New England TeleMedia Inks Strategic Partnership with in-touchMOBILE
December 2, 2009, 5:01 PM ET
NET anounces today it has now formed an alliance with in-touchMOBILE for mobile marketing solutions and value-added wireless marketing strategies for clients.
In today’s mobile world, customers are doing more and more on the go. Whether it is for business, personal, or pure entertainment, it’s all happening in the palm of people’s hands. Mobile marketing may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for to increase interaction and increase ROI for your client’s ad and marketing campaigns.

 Current  Promotions

 AboveNet Zero Construction Promotion

Back by popular demand This promotion let's your customers to take advantage of AboveNet's scalable, low-latency, optical fiber-based network infrastructure, and have a portion (up to 1,000 feet) of the construction charge waived to connect them to our fiber-optic backbone network.


 AireSpring Domestic Wholesale BlockBuster for LD VoIP/SIP Termination

* Rates from .0017 Per Minute

* Lowest Cost Termination in 48 Contiguous States

* No Monthly Minimums

* NPA/NXX Dialer Decks Available


$.045/min for Reservationless Conference Calling -Plus uncommitted contacts!!


XO Toll-Free Numbers Promotion

XO Connect Promotion

XO IP Flex, SIP, ISDN PRI with Long Distance Promotion